Rosemary B. Althoff

I write YA sci-fi adventures for reading pleasure—and the healing of souls. My books can be ordered on, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Target, and more.

War looms … and it begins with souls.

In this story, brilliant young physicist Lewis Brahmindura, his brother and sister Patrick and Gracie, and his best friend engineer Fred become trapped in a plot to conquer two planets: Lanthra and Earth. Lewis switches sides. Fred betrays his friend. Patrick wants to be a hero. And as for Gracie … what can a little girl do to save the universe?

Although a prisoner, Lewis thinks he can stop a war … but must he lose his own soul in the process?

A crazy-in-love young physicist with seizures and post-traumatic stress disorder literally has the key to instant space travel in his pocket. But can he evade the enemy long enough to develop it?

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