About the Author

Rosemary B. Althoff

Since I was a small child, I made up stories about flying saucers and aliens. My Dad and sister worked in the space industry, whetting my appetite for science. Aiming to write stories that speak to the deep being, I studied English at the University of Kentucky, where author and poet Wendell Berry insisted that I write from my heart. After LCMS missionary work in the Philippines, I worked for professional textbook publishers until I obtained a M.A. in Communication Research at Cleveland State University. I have published nonfiction devotions, newsletters, opinion pieces, and I have presented papers at the Midwest Association of Public Opinion Researchers. Now, having retired from teaching writing and communication courses at various universities, I live in New Orleans, LA. My interests include writing, hiking, painting landscapes, and playing the piano.

THE HOT MARBLE (Book 1 in the Soul’s Warfare series) and THE CAVE CHAMBER (Book 2) are published by Winged Publications. I am currently working on THE HORNED EDGE (Book 3).

THE HOT MARBLE won 2nd place in the Living Water Awards for YA fiction. THE HORNED EDGE (in progress) won 1st place in the Living Water Awards for YA fiction.

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